Music has the power to communicate a message across geography and cultures.

Starting this band has been straight out of the opening scene to a Guy Ritchie movie. After Elliott returned from traveling in Europe in late 2017, the gear he left behind had turned into a frankenstein-like situation as Jordin set up the studio and learned how to record on his own. 

Meanwhile they started playing at a local Ethiopian bar called Nazareth, a spot that Elliott used to hang out at on Saturday nights. They kept growing the night by collaborating with other musicians. Fast forward a few months and they're on the stage at the Cameron House, with like 6 players. By the end of December they put the finishing touches on their debut cassette Moving Fast 4 U

And the good times have just been rolling ever since. Our lineup has changed a bit over the past year, but here are the cast of characters who have contributed to United Power Soul:

Jordin Mimran

Elliott Fienberg

David Lara Rovira

Ryan MacKellar

Regis Cardoso da Silva

Brandon Pike

Kennedy Liu

Shanty Sweets

Deli Rowe

Binod Singh Jr.

All photos on this site were taken by Drew Yorke-Slader