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 UPS playing Peace Sign at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern 

UPS playing Peace Sign at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern 

Last week we played our second show at The legendary Horseshoe Tavern. The venue is one of our favourite spots to play in Toronto. We found that all the rehearsals and shows this season have added up to a very tight sounding set. 

The night featured no less than four other bands, and we were slotted to close it out at 12:30am.  As some members of the band are getting on in age, this time slot concerned us.  Would we accidentally fall asleep in the dressing room, never to wake up?  Elliott set a reminder in his phone to not take his scheduled melatonin that night. 

Leading up to our set time, the band headed to Me-Va-Me for a quick bite. While eating chicken shawarma wraps, we tuned into Facebook and watched a live stream of the first act, Jamie Grey (Toronto mod-rock band) from two blocks away. We headed back to the venue for beers and enjoyed hearing the other acts, Tumako (Toronto afro-beat funk), Rebelle (Wakefield pop-grunge) and Athanase (Toronto folk-rock).

The sound engineer, Lorne Hounsell thought Jordin looked familiar, and it turns out they worked together on Jordin’s early recordings called 'Summer Sessions'. A local music scene really can be a small world, and on this night that expression was no exception. 

Although our set is planned for about 45 minutes to one hour, we actually only had 30 minutes. So we had to cut a few songs such as 'Behind the Mask', and 'Hand Me The Knife', two song titles that contain mysterious objects in them.

Have a listen to our rendition of 'Make Me Feel', a Janelle Monae cover from her forthcoming album, 'Dirty Computer.' It's a song we've been having fun with recently in our live set, and from the recording it's obvious we were feeling good on stage that night.

The next UPS show is on Thursday May 10th, and we've got 10 seats available to give away to our fans. The event will be streamed live on Facebook from a secret location in downtown Toronto. Move fast to get in on this exclusive event and reserve your seat by using the form below. 

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